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Moraea Tulbaghensis

Moraea Tulbaghensis


Description: One of the 'peacock' moraeas.

Spectacular display off colors resemble a peacock showing its feathers.

Flower height: 30 -40 CM.

Flowering duration: 5 weeks.

Growing recommendations:

Light: Full sun 

Planting season: Autumn / Early winter

Planting space: 5 - 8 CM

Planting depth: 3 - 5 CM

Bloom season: March - April

General recommendations for planting and growing:

Planting: Use a well-drained soil  or flowerpot.

How to plant: Place the bulbs at more or less the recommended depth, cover and press slightly on top.

Watering:  After planting, water one time to full capacity of the soil/media but later on water mildly to avoid water excess. During flowering increase watering moderately. Keep moist but not damp. For about one month after flowering reduce watering as the leaves start dry up.

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