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Oxalis for the private and public garden

Oxalis belongs to the Oxalidaceae family. The origin of the name comes from the Greek word Oxys which means sourness and refers to the sour taste of the leaves and stems.

About 800 species of Oxalis are known in the world, common mainly in South Africa,
And South America.
The large number of oxalis species allows the cultivation of unique varieties that have great
richness of flower colors and a wide range of foliage color and form.
Yoash' Nursery, has specialized for many years, in breeding and cultivation of flower bulbs
[geophites) ,and has given a special emphasis to the cultivation and breeding of Oxalis,
Creating a new line of oxalis varieties known as Yoash' Oxalis
Yoash' Oxalis are exclusive varieties and carry the names after the family members.
The Oxalis bulbs appear in a wide variety of flower colors: white, purple, pink, yellow
lavender, bicolor and more.
The duration of flowering of most Oxalis varieties is very long ( from autumn, during winter
and spring and the beginning of summer ). Few varieties have a shorter flowering time- but
these are compensated by their special decorative leaves.
The Oxalis are perennials : only in summer, the foliage dry out and the bulbs rest dormant in
the soil/pot. In the following fall the growth and flowering will resume.
Oxalis are very economical in their water requirements. Once established in the soil, they
may grow successfully without significant additional irrigation in most areas.
If necessary ,you can water a little but avoid excess water,
Oxalis are suitable for a wide range of uses such as covering area ,stone gardens, rockery,
hanging baskets , flowering pots and more. As a results , Oxalis is used both in private
gardens as well as in public landscaping.
It is highly recommended to plant the oxalis bulbs in full or almost full sun to unsure a better
opening of the flowers. Under these conditions ,except on cold or very cloudy days most
flowers will open properly.
The successful experience gained in Israel with Oxalis in both private and public gardens
allows the creation of color and new interest for your garden ,for a long time.
A wide range of Oxalis varieties are available at our OXALIS website

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