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The secret to a magical garden

Every professional gardener knows that the secret to a magical garden is in tubers and onions. Tubers and bulbs of flowers usually develop well and do not require much, but, on the other hand, can provide the most wondrous appearance that includes a wide variety of colors

Tubers and onions, naturally contain the things they need to bloom and grow. All it takes is the right temperature and length of day to get the tubers and onions out of dormancy, and signal to them that it's time to grow. That can be produced.

Gardeners use a lot of tubers and onions familiar and commonplace, such as daffodils, irises, tulips and more ... But, courage and adventure bigger than selecting bulbs and tubers can give you a rash rare with special colors and sometimes with refreshing scents, such as the gladioli , Sfrksis , Watson, Ixia , Belvinale, Dubinia, Gizoriza Speranta and other specials.

With the growth of the internet, anyone can get, without difficulty, tubers and special onions . Sit comfortably at home, enter the site and choose which tubers and onions you want in your garden, and within a few days the tubers and onions can be planted in your garden .
Tubers and onions are sent dry without roots.

When the tubers and onions came to you, it was time for planting.
Onions and tubers are marketed at the right time for autumn planting and can be planted immediately, but you can wait a bit if you want to use the rains to save water.

Most onions and tubers are suitable for planting in pots and soil, but it is advisable to invest thought in the planting location of tubers and onions in the garden in order to achieve maximum effect from each flower. It is advisable to study the features of the flowers, which will allow you to better understand where to place each one.
Keep in mind that the concentration of several tubers and onions of the same type is very important in order to add to the intensity of the appearance of the rash.

Before planting, make sure that the soil / substrate is well crumbled, place the onion at the required depth, cover and lightly tighten.
After planting, water until saturated and later maintain a moist but not muddy condition. Most malfunctions are due to excess water. During the flowering period, increase the watering a little, keep it moist for about a month after flowering and according to the dehydration of the foliage. Stop watering before the foliage is completely dry. In potted plants should be watered more frequently in order to maintain a moist substrate.

With a little thought and preparation, your garden will bloom with flowers that will make your neighbor jealous.
Now that you know the secret to a magical garden, just do not reveal it to anyone, okay?

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