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Yoash Breeding and Propagation of Ornamental Plants Ltd.

Yoash Breeding and Propagation of Ornamental Plants Ltd. has for many years been engaged in the cultivation, acclimatization and propagation of flowering bulbs of special and rare flowers both for Israel and for export.

Special emphasis is given, in the Yoash nursery, to the cultivation and acclimatization of bulbs of flowers that are very suitable for the climatic conditions in the country and have a relatively low demand for water.
All flowering bulb plants we grow are perennials and have a coma in the summer.
The kinds of flowering bulbs so unique to Yoash Breeding are characterized by high quality and are all produced exclusively in Yoash breeding itself.

Yoash nursery invites you to enjoy a variety of its products, flowering bulbs and Yoash Oxalis, which will bring spectacular and special blooms to your garden in a variety of colors and shapes.
Flowering bulbs can be purchased from our products through the home website or in the selected nurseries, nationwide, from autumn to the beginning of winter.

Yoash Oxalis can be obtained at the best nurseries in the country from the beginning of autumn until late spring.

We will be happy to help and advise you - contact us   And we will do everything to have a lovely garden.
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